2021 Forecast & Trends

High Expectations

Virtual is common. For 2021 clients are sophisticated and the expectations are high! How can you bring the wow factor?

What can you do:

  • Out-of-the-box entertainment and Avant-Garde Concepts – Bring new and exciting ideas to the table. When it comes to virtual events, bringing exciting and new concepts is a must!
  • Top-of-Mind Brand Awareness – Make branding a priority. The way you communicate with your audience during the event is crucial for seeing an ROI and leaving a lasting impression!


Make the attendees and the client feel special! 2021 is about reinventing how we inspire our clients and engage with their audience.

What can you do:

  • Engage all attendees and stakeholders, not just the ‘Target’ – Being supportive and engaging with all functions and communities within your audience is crucial in continuing relationships within that company or organization.
  • Make your marketing engaging! – Marketing before, during, and after your event is essential. If you can, add personalized touches to really make the guests feel special and spoken to.

Hybrid Meetings and Events

It is predicted live events will be back in some capacity in fall and winter of 2021. However, virtual aspects will still be necessary and popular!

What can you do:

  • Planning for two events rather than just one! – Plan your hybrid event as if you were planning two! Everything that is being planned for the in-person audience will need to be translated and adapted for your virtual audience.
  • Virtual Components absolutely necessary until further notice – As the COVID-19 is still extremely prevalent in 2021, vaccine rollouts and future cases are still be assessed. Some guests may not be comfortable or prepared to jump into live events as soon as it is safe to do so. Take these guests into consideration and make their virtual experience one to remember!
  • Considerations
    • Not The Exact Same Content
    • Lead Time
    • Focus: Wellness, Cleanliness, and Open/Air Concepts
    • One Event = Two Experiences
    • Strong Visuals
    • Content Creation and Strategy


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