3 Event Activation Ideas

Hey IMG Fans! Check out these great #InnovateIdeas for event activations that we could help you incorporate into your next event!

1.) Virtual Graffiti Wall

Use spray paint cans to virtually draw on your own photos. Your guests’ creations can be instantly printed as customized party favors, or directly uploaded to social media so that everyone will be talking about your event!

Photo Credit: Partyworks Interactive

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2.) 3D Projection Mapping

Transform a simple space into an eye-catching landscape with the power of projection. Illusions can be as simple as a rolling projection of falling snow outside the building windows, to a multi-sequence illumination with scintillating colored lights and images. 3D mapping can even be used to alter the very architecture itself, to create illusions like an arch turning into a giant eagle, or a portion of the building crumbling away.

Photo Credit: BizBash, Paintscaping

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3.) Green Screen Catwalk

Using green screen compositing technology and a spray-painted treadmill, guests can have their 15 Seconds of Fame at your event, strutting a virtual catwalk. With instant social media upload capability, this activation does double duty as a party favor and free publicity!

Photo Credit: BizBash, Bosco