3 Fantastic Ways to Boost Event Attendance


Event planners spend months planning their events – it’s all worth it when guests finally arrive. If you want to attract a bigger crowd to your next event, follow these 3 fantastic ways to boost event attendance:

1. The Early Bird Gets The… Attendees
If your event requires ticket sales, you’ll want to set the on sale date for as soon as possible. This prompts your future guests to save the date and start setting aside funds to purchase a ticket. You can also experiment with Early Bird ticket pricing or sending an RSVP for free events.

2. Be Fast and Flexible
Ensure that your event attendees will return the next time by moving things along! Keep your lines short by giving yourself enough staffing and volunteers to spread out during the day. Don’t be afraid to change staffing roles according to event needs.

3. Use Marketing Where It Matters
Learn what your audience wants most and which events will offer it to them. For example, if your event involves classical music, start by marketing to local concert halls or music schools.

It’s also a good idea to keep a goal in mind for your event attendance so that you can track your progress. In most cases, the more the merrier!

Photo Credit: Reel Light Pictures