3 Things You Need in Your VIP Lounge


Being a V.I.P. comes with its perks. Creating a unique V.I.P. experience with these perks, is what we do best. Here are 3 things you need in your V.I.P. lounge:

1. It’s All About the Battery: Charging Station
Your V.I.P.s will thank you for having a charging station at your event. You can custom brand your own station, or rent a version that allows users to lock their phones inside and come back when their phone is fully charged!

2. Complimentary… EVERYTHING
Offer free drinks at a private bar, goodie bags from your sponsors, and catered food throughout the event to truly give your guests the VIP experience. WIFI is a huge plus.

3. Meet and Greet
Set up a V.I.P. meet and greet with a special guest exclusively at your lounge. You could offer autographs, a photo opportunity, or even a pre-show performance.

Make your V.I.P. lounge feel like the place to be! Contact us today for your next hotel opening, product launch, or brand activation.