3 Ways to Stay Stress Free At Events


Being an event planner may be one of the most stressful roles out there. Don’t let the stress get to you! Here are 3 ways to stay stress free at events:  

 1. Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork
Rely on your fellow teammates and volunteers to help you accomplish your tasks. Delegate large projects into smaller ones that can be supervised by senior members of your team. Anticipate what event roles you’ll need to fill beforehand and hire the help you need.  

2. Event Binders Are Your Friends
Have all your paperwork printed and ready to be referenced on site. Label each section according to schedule, venue, vendors, etc. We recommend keeping a spare USB and business cards in your binder as well.  

3. Options, Options, Options: Prioritize
The sign of a strong event planner is their ability to prioritize. Ask yourself what needs immediate attention and address it first. As you continue to complete tasks, your workload will diminish and so will your stress level!  

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