4 Things to Know when Catering an Event

When working with a caterer for your event there are many things you want to think about when designing the event layout.

  • Imagine the Flow of the Space- Are you going to have the meal in the main room, in a foyer, or on a patio? This will depend on, if you can put beverage stations inside or outside the room. Think about the implications if the food is outside and people are bringing it into a meeting room for a “lunch and learn.” It’s a great concept, but then they will be sitting there with a plate in front of them for an hour.
  • Space out Drink Stations- Tables for food and drinks should be at the back of the room. Avoid where there is a high concentration of people, this slows down the flow, and guests are likely to pass drinks because everyone is clumped at the bar and no one can move around. Food and drinks are a magnet at any event. You want to move them away from doorways and pull them into a space.
  • How to store meals before use- Know where your food is coming from and how long it has been out of refrigeration. This affects whether it needs to stay chilled and the amount of time it can safely sit out. Keep any perishables refrigerated until they are ready to be consumed. Sometimes guests arrive late or corporate meetings run over time, and you don’t want to leave food sitting out.
  • Know your Demographic- Finding out essential profile details about your guests can aid you in your food selection process. Some guest factors you can put into consideration includes ethnic backgrounds, living locations, frequency of event attendance in the past, and professional levels.