5 Benefits of Company Retreats

5 Benefits of Company Retreats

At Innovate Marketing Group, we believe in the powerful benefits of company retreats.   

Staff retreats are all about connection, team spirit, and culture building. Corporate retreats are also fun and strategic opportunities to take your team outside, reunite, reinforce company culture and spend some time thinking about the bigger picture.

As employees continue leaving their jobs in droves (Forbes), the benefits of company retreats are like rocket fuel to the process of fighting against the “Great resignation”.   

Download our company retreat checklist that guides you through the steps and hacks to build a rockstar company retreat that leaves your team excited and engaged.

 5 Benefits of company retreats


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1.- Bring Your Employees Closer Together  

Business retreats are all about team building. These corporate getaways are great opportunities to bring your staff together and enjoy some face-to-face time to hang out as a group, laugh, and talk to each other. They are quickly becoming trendy, especially after almost two years of solitary lockdown.  

Too many companies claim to be like families. But only a few of them are taking action to make their employees feel like they belong to one.  The fact is that work families have better communication, enhanced trust and appreciation for one another, and, in consequence, increased productivity. 

 2.- Benefits of Company Retreats to Boost Morale & Reenergize Your Team 

If you want to show love and appreciation to your employees, re-energize your team and strengthen internal bonds, the benefits of company retreats are perfect for you.   

In the last two years, it has been proved that not all employees are driven by their paycheck. The work environment and extra benefits are becoming more valuable.  

Company retreats provide your team with valuable time to reflect and grow together as a team, increasing employee happiness levels.  


3.- Discover Your Team’s Hidden Talents 

Retreats are great for team bonding with co-workers outside of your desk and emails. Spending some extra time together will help you learn about what makes each other tick.  


Getting away from the daily grind gives team members the chance to unwind and discover more about one another. (Entrepreneur) 


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4.- Relax, Smile and Have Fun Together 

But corporate retreats are not only about creating trust and fostering a sense of belonging. They are also designed to help employees reduce stress, relax and enjoy spending time with co-workers in a new environment, out of their workspace, and out of their comfort zone.    

Remember: less stress means more productivity. Do not underestimate the harmful impact of work stress. Stress can be a silent killer of employee health and productivity 

Invest in happiness, in smiles, and having fun together. Trust us when we say that you’ll be surprised by the outstanding effects retreats can have on your employees.   


5.- Align to BIG Picture 

Goal alignment is the key to your business success. Business retreats are also great for encouraging cross-departmental collaboration, improving communication, motivating employees and celebrating wins. 

Department silos can create barriers to growing companies, and retreats will provide your team with the perfect opportunity to revisit your strategic roadmap, your company’s mission, vision, and purpose statement, with an open and relaxed mind. 





Physical proximity also brings the opportunity to really learn about each other’s personalities (Inc, Magazine) 



At Innovate Marketing Group, we help fuel brands to change life for the better.

And we love nothing more than seeing the positive impact well-planned events have for companies looking to reinforce their company culture and reenergize their team to keep the passion for what they do best.  

Company retreats are powerful events to boost employee happiness and build culture.  

Let’s plan your company retreat.  

Just pick the date and we will take care of all the details.  


Benefits of company retreats


Benefits of Company Retreats