5 Essential Places You Need Event Signage


Event planners are constantly giving out verbal directions to guests about their events. You can preempt their questions by strategically adding event signage. Here are our 5 essential places you need event signage:

1. Front-Of-House
This is the first place your guests will start looking for information. We suggest printing out a large map to provide an overview of the space and providing easy-to-read agendas as part of your signage plan.

2. Parking Lot
Before your guests even arrive, they have to park! Place a lollipop sign or an A-frame outside at the entrance of the parking lot to direct them towards your check-in area.

3. Backstage
If you have a live band or speaker, it’s helpful for them to know the schedule beforehand. Post a copy of the performance times in their green room or backstage so that it can be referenced at any time during the event. If there are any last minutes changes, make sure you update this!

4. Tables
If your event is a seated affair, you can place small table tents or placecards at their tables. You can use this to conduct a social media contest or add some fun facts.

5. Exit
Not only is this useful for safety reasons, but it is also a useful way to thank your guests for attending, list your upcoming events, or share your social media platforms.

Investing in physical and digital signage will make your event logistics run more smoothly and help your attendees navigate your event with confidence and ease.