5 Event Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month with Your Team (for Large Groups and Corporations)

Celebrating Black History Month with your team, especially with large groups of people is quite a challenge. You have to find the right venue, pick the best vendors and craft a memorable experience for your attendees. You have to be very intentional if you want to make the most of your event experience. Every decision you make during the planning process will have an impact on the overall result.


Here are 5 event ideas to Celebrate Black History Month with Your Team (for Larger Groups and Corporations).

We hope it helps you during your planning process.  


  1. Black History Month Festival. A series of events that foster collaboration and partnership with the community, and celebrate Black culture/history and showcase Black excellence. 
  1. Community Leadership Awards. This is a perfect event to honor the legacy and recognize dedicated leaders in your community. 
  2. Open-air film screening with filmmaker and community conversation. Added bonus for hosting it at a stadium or event space that fits the film.
  3. Conference or talk series with different keynote speeches showcasing African-American leaders in your industry. (Bring in speakers and create your own version of TEDx Talks) 
  4. Community Event. Engage with the community and support local artists. Includes Fashion runways, Art exhibition & Music performances.  
  5. Dinner series or private cooking clases with African-American chefs and sommeliers, who are changing the food industry. This is agreat teambuilder, where your attendees can learn something new together and have fun trying new culinary delights. 


We hope you find valuable these event ideas to celebrate Black History Month with your team, but we have many more ideas we can share with you or tailor a special one for your group.

Don’t limit your DEI efforts to February. Schedule events and activities throughout the year that honor different backgrounds and cultures. Check out our DEI calendar, we can help you put together an event series that will help you be more intentional with your DEI efforts and build more inclusive relationship with your staff, clients, partners, and vendors.