5 Experiential Product Launches that Worked

Experiential marketing as a concept, encourages people, aka consumers, to not only learn about a brand and/or its product(s) but engage with and experience that brand/product(s) in a memorable way. Check out these five experiential product launches that were most definitely successful! 

1. Smirnoff Experience Comic Book Party 
Smirnoff completely transforms their brand experience party by transporting their guests into what feels like a real-life world of Roy Lichtenstein comic book-like heroines and villains. Every element of the event was “in character” so that attendees were fully immersed in this themed universe, thus creating a truly memorable experience that would last far longer than just the night itself.  

Photo Source: BizBash 

2. Gatorade Athletic Combine
Gatorade created a “future of athlete evaluation” (aka a future combine) experience for their consumers, by partnering with three leading sports tech companies to provide consumers not only an entertaining experience but also test each person’s athletic capabilities. Gatorade’s experiential launch provided consumers with not only a sense of fun but also an actual value of newfound knowledge about themselves.  

Photo Source: Mountain Trout Photography

 3. Zappos Utilizes Google’s Cupcake Giveaway
Zappos ingeniously utilizes Google’s experiential campaign for their own campaign. Google was giving out cupcakes to those who tried their new photo app and shared on social media. Zappos capitalized on this experiential experience by posting up mystery stands next to these Google cupcake trucks and asking for a cupcake in exchange for a cardboard box filled with a cool Zappos item.

Photo Source: EMS Magazine 

 4. Children Teddy-Bear Doc McStuffin Check-Up
Disney Jr. created a 20 city tour of children-specific experiential activities based on their popular children’s television show, Doc McStuffin. Children ages 2 – 10, were invited to perform check-ups on extra-large teddy bears to help diagnose their problems. While they waited for their turn to examine, they were provided with Doc McStuffin toys, coloring books and puzzles to play with.  Once they completed their diagnosis, they were awarded a certificate and given a “Doc Is In The House” door hanger to take home.  

Photo Source: HotCow 

5. Google Asks Bay Area Citizens to Choose Their Favorite Nonprofits to Donate To
Google tugs on the heart-strings of Bay Area citizens by asking them which of Google’s Top 10 nonprofits dedicated to creating a better community in the SF Bay Area, they should donate to. Google distributed interactive posters around San Francisco and had the general public choose which nonprofit they felt was the most important. Each poster provided details of each nonprofits’ main cause and collected each vote.  

Photo Source: Trisparker 

We applaud these companies for their creativity in experiential marketing. Let us be your creative powerhouse for your next event! Contact Innovate Marketing Group today.