🙈 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning AAPI Heritage Month Events

planning AAPI Heritage Month events


This a great time to host events to celebrate Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and reengage with your employees and clients that belong to the AAPI community. But planning AAPI Heritage Month events can turn into a nightmare if you don’t avoid certain common mistakes. We have listed 5 of the most important for you, but we can help make sure you don’t make one.


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning AAPI Heritage Month Events

Not involving members of the community in the process:

Include different voices of different members of the AAPI community when planning the overall event strategy. They will provide you with real-life guidance and will help you avoid making assumptions that commonly become mistakes.

Poor vendor management

A significant part of the success of your event lies in your network of suppliers. You need an extensive, and diverse network of vendors because they can help you cater to attendees from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Not relying on ERG groups

Employee resources groups are great allies when planning DEI/Cultural celebrations. They have the experience and knowledge you need.


 Planning AAPI Month Events

Not letting the community speak

If you are hosting workshops or conferences, include members of the community among the speakers. This will help amplify their voices, level up engagement, and will show your employees and clients that you really care.


Excluding countries and ethnicities

A common mistake when celebrating AAPI month is to exclude some countries and ethnicities.  Normally people think of Chinese, Japanese, or Korean descent, but Asia comprises over 40 countries, and Pacific Islanders are often forgotten in these celebrations.


If you need help planning AAPI Heritage Month events or any other DEI/Culture event, we are ready to collaborate with you. Our team is experienced, professional, diverse, fun, and passionate about creating wonderful experiences out of every event.



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