5 Tips to An Attractive Silent Auction

An attractive silent auction should display clear information to maximize fundraising efforts. Take these tips into consideration when planning your next auction:

  • All materials should be consistent: Create a template with the event logo and utilize mail merge to create the visuals, bid sheets, and receipts. The template will provide a consistent look on all silent auction materials.
  • Display silent auction items: Gift baskets, memorabilia, and gift bags are great items to display. Make sure you have enough room to display the items.
  • Include appealing visuals: For items that cannot be displayed, include a nice and appealing image to go along with the description. Your description should include any features or awards the donor has received.
  • Make sure flow makes sense: The flow of silent auction is very important as it will guide guests through the auction itself. Remember to consider the venue set up to figure out the best option to set up your tables. You can consider putting the same type of items in one section.
  • Starting bid: Make sure to include bid increments, and silent auction end times on your sheets. Best practice is to place your starting bid cover 30% to 40% of overall cost.

Begin with the end in mind, by implementing the silent auction tips above you will be one step closer to a successful fundraiser and if you need expert assistance, we are happy to help!