5 Unique Things an Event Planner Needs In Their Emergency Kit


Whether it’s your first or millionth event, every event planner should carry an emergency kit. Here are 5 unique things an event planner needs in theirs:

1. Portable Speaker
If you’re hearing crickets at your event, that’s when a portable speaker may come in handy. Connect it to your phone or laptop and liven up the room! A simple way to avoid any initial awkward silence. Pro Tip: Make sure your speaker is charged, and choose one that makes use of Bluetooth for easy placement.

2. Velcro
Velcro will become your new best friend. Use it to stick your signage or art on walls and doors. It makes for easy removal after the event. Arrow pointing the wrong way? Just pull it off and flip around with the use of velcro.

3. Tape (of all kinds)
Is the wind blowing too fiercely? Do you have important directional signage to hang up? Pack your kit with all kinds of different tape for a variety of surfaces. This includes duct tape, painters tape, scotch tape, and gaffers tape.

4. Zip Ties
Zip ties have multiple uses: hang up signage, hold down linens, and keep your cables organized! Always handy to have onsite.

5. Business Cards
Every event can become a networking opportunity! Don’t be caught without your business cards. Make sure to bring plenty of extra cards and don’t forget to pass them out!

Being prepared for event emergencies is the sign of an experienced event planner. We know that the best results come from smart planning and predicting future issues before they arise. Missed something? Let us know what you put in your emergency kit by contacting us here.

Photo Credit: Office Supplies Blog