6 Cities That Are Becoming Trendy for Company Retreats

6 Cities That Are Becoming Trendy For Company Retreats



As we move into warmer days, many of our corporate clients have started their company retreat planning process, as part of their company culture and employee engagement strategies.

We noticed that certain cities are becoming trendy and decided to put together a city comparison list with 6 of the most popular corporate retreat destinations in the US, including VIP experiences and landmarks. We hope this information helps you when planning your next company retreat.

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¨Company retreats have proven to be good to help combat employee loneliness and fulfill the need for in-person contact.¨ (www.uschamber.com)




✔️ VIP experiences & behind-the-scenes tours

✔️ Cuisine tastings, roof views, and vino

✔️ Whiskey Tours & Tasting

✔️ Boat Cruises and Magic Castle Shows


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6 Cities That Are Becoming Trendy for Company Retreats







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