6 Corporate Holiday Event Trends for 2022

corporate holiday events trends for 2022

Whether you are planning a live, virtual or hybrid holiday party, there are some things you have to consider to make an impact at your next event. We asked our event management team to share the new trends for the holiday season. Here are their top six corporate holiday event trends for 2022 to help you imagine what the Holiday parties this year are likely to be.

REMEMBER: Create mindfully, add a twist to the traditional ways and make a splash!


Corporate Holiday Event Trends for 2022

Sustainability Season

Holiday parties are going green. That is one of the top corporate holiday event trends for 2022. As the world becomes more conscious about climate change and the impact our everyday actions have on our environment, the events industry is adapting to keep up with the times. If you want to make an impact on your attendees, you must consider what is important to them.

Advice from our team: Rent a Christmas tree, find a venue that is LED certified, recycle elements and wrapping paper, reuse equipment from other events, and try less impactful options like cloth gift wrapping, 


Putting on a green event doesn’t have to be a headache or logistical nightmare. The secret is to “think green” from the start and incorporate sustainable elements into your entire strategy. (Bizbash)



The Bigger, the Better

Live events are back, which means your company has a huge opportunity to go big and make a splash. This is the time to surprise and delight. Your business should focus on creating amazing experiences for your attendees. People are getting more impatient with dull and tedious events. There’s no room for boring, repetitive, and cookie-cutter events.

Advice from our team: Go big with immersive activations. Try being bold and transform the whole venue. You can include real-sized Igloos, LED and Projection Mapping technology, unique fabrications, and immersive activations like an ice rink.  


Trending Colors 2022

Are you familiar with the expression there’s no beauty without color? The same applies to your events. There’s no successful holiday event without the right colors. Color has a considerable role in the attendee experience.

Advice from our team: Shades of lavender and sea blue will take over the traditional colors this year.


One of the most powerful intangible elements we use in designing experiences is color. …Color does has an incredible ability to tell stories and infer emotions, which is why so many designers, marketers, and photographers, not to mention film auteurs, have spent much time trying to understand its hidden power. (Tony Allen, Global Head of Event Services at Zoom)




Blast From the Past

Your next corporate holiday event doesn´t have to be all red and green. You can invite your team to travel in time and party all night with the music of your favorite 70s and 80s with a Holiday twist. Include some classic holiday movie projections, fun retro-themed decorations, and many activities.

Advice from our team: Decade and theme parties will be very trendy. Include polaroid cameras, childhood games that add a feeling of nostalgia, neon lights, and balloons. 



‘Tis the season for Holiday crafts! It’s time to get creative with your team and try making some fun and festive do-it-yourself decorations.  DIY projects help push people out of their seats, engage with others and spark their creative side. You want your events to be opportunities to reconnect and learn more about other coworkers. Plus, this is an excellent way to repurpose old stuff and create new beautiful holiday displays.


Advice from our team: Cookie and candy ornaments, balloons, pompoms incorporated with a holiday flare, and wreaths.



Bring the Outdoors IN

With the arrival of corporate holiday events, another creative way to level up your attendee experience is to bring an outdoor atmosphere to your indoor event. Outdoor elements can help to define areas and add liveliness to every space. The bigger, the better. You can enhance your space with floral decorations and centerpieces, adding vibrancy and a unique atmosphere to your holiday parties.

Advice from our team: Fresh Feathery greenery. Infuse your event space with natural scents, branches with twinkle lights, and other natural elements.




If you want to talk in more detail about the corporate holiday event trends for 2002 or you want to start planning your own, we are here to help. Do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.


holiday event trends for 2022