7 ideas to add flavor and spice up your zoom meetings and corporate virtual events

7 ideas to add flavor and spice up your zoom meetings and corporate virtual events

Corporate virtual events are powerful strategies to connect with your employees and clients. Hosting fun and creative events pays off.  The key to success lies in planning. If you start adding taste and more senses to your company’s virtual experiences you will be creating more fun and meaningful experiences for your attendees. 

At Innovate Marketing Group we believe that life is too short for boring events. That’s why we are trying to make a better, funnier, happier corporate world, one meeting or event at a time. From Tequila tasting to Focaccia Art Classes, we are helping our clients host fun and engaging experiences to reconnect with their employees and customers. 

Here, we put together a list of ideas we have successfully implemented for our clients, including top brands such as TikTok, Honda, DirecTv, East West Bank, Hyatt, and many more.  

We hope these ideas to add flavor and other senses to your next zoom meetings and virtual events, will help you spice things up and rocket your attendee experience’s levels.  


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1.- Cocktail & Comedy  

Teams who laugh together last together. Bring laughter to your corporate meetings and virtual events! Have your attendees laugh together while we help you transform your virtual event or zoom meeting into a mixology lab.  

Fun and flavor are perfect ingredients for a great team bonding experience. Somebody said the best drinks are the ones we drink with friends. And that is one of the biggest truths of life.  


2.- Tequila Tasting and Dinner  

People say tequila is like duct tape because it fixes nearly everything. Now imagine having your team or a group of special clients participate in a special “Tequila Tasting & Dinner” virtual event. What a way to spice collaboration and set the tone for an unforgettable experience.   

Tequila Tasting & Dinner was included in a series of employee engagement activities we did for a for a special client of us. Here’s a link if you want to know more about it  

👉 https://innovatemkg.com/work/events-to-go-kits/ 


3.- Boba Making Experience 

Colors speak louder than words. Make sure your events talk to your attendees with the language of color and flavor! Most people love boba, this dessert-like beverage from Taiwan for its unique combinations of colors, flavors, and textures.  

Your team can a wonderful team bonding experience making boba tea. They receive a box that contains all of the ingredients and recipes to be part of the most delicious, multicolored, splashy, and tasty virtual experience.  

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4.- Curated Online Chocolate Tasting Experience 

Research tells us that 14 out of any 10 individuals like chocolate… or something. Truth is, we can affirm that almost everybody likes chocolate. If you can’t buy your team happiness then you can buy them chocolate! 

Let your team fall in love with chocolate while having a great bonding moment together. Your event attendees will receive a curated collection of chocolate minibars or truffles at their door and they with join you in their most aromatic, appetizing, flavorful virtual experience.  

Are looking for new strategies to increase event attendance? Try chocolate!  


5.- Focaccia Art Class 

Happiness is the smell of fresh bread coming out from the oven. If you are thinking about making your clients or employees feel happy, you must include baking in the formula.  

Cooking can be therapeutical activity. Especially in these complicated times. Invite your teammates and clients to bake together, it will be an experience they won’t forget and that will make them keep wanting for more.  


6.- Private Beer Making Experience 

There’s is no coincidence that beer rimes with cheer. To celebrate your team’s wins, there’s nothing better than beer. To spark collaboration within remote teams, there’s nothing better than beer. To celebrate another company anniversary, nothing like beer! 

Let your team (and clients) become brewers for the day in the comfort of their own homes. This fun and tasty team-building experience guided by an expert brewer doesn’t require prior knowledge.   


7.- Coffee & Tea Live Virtual Tasting Class 

There won’t be any zoom fatigue with this caffeinated tasting. A week before the event, your employees (and loyal customers) will receive a mix of specialty teas, coffees, and infusions in their mailbox. Each envelope is marked as “do not open” to save the big surprise for the event. 

On tasting day, everyone will log into a virtual video cafe, where the barista will share stories, run fun team-building games, and lead the tasty ceremony.  




Virtual Corporate Wine tasting  

Robert Louis Stevenson once said that wine is bottled poetry and he got that right. One of our favorite virtual experiences at IMG is virtual wine tasting.  There are so many ways to enjoy this team bonding experience. Virtual wine tastings are such sensorial experiences.   

You can take your clients on a trip of flavors enjoying wines from Tuscany, Bordeaux, Australia, or South Africa. Or you can make them fall in love with the aromas of the Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, or the Guadalupe Valley in Baja California.  

 The possibilities are endless. Just remember. How you execute these events and communicate them is key. The same event if executed well can have much higher engagement. Keeping engagement, interactivity in mind 


For more information about how to make your zoom meetings and corporate virtual event experiences awesome, join one of our webinars or feel free to reach us by mail or phone call. We are always ready to know interesting people like you.  



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