7 ideas to Incorporate Wellness in Your Corporate Events

Incorporate wellness in corporate events

7 ideas to Incorporate Wellness in Your Corporate Events  

Finding ways to incorporate wellness in your corporate events will be especially important in the following years. According to our Industry Report, concerns about health and well-being will dictate nearly every aspect of how events are going to be held.  

Incorporating wellness in your corporate events plan will show your attendees how important they are to you and that your company is doing everything possible to take good care of them.  


In this article, we put together 7 ideas you can implement in your next event. But before, here are some stats to consider, in case you aren’t convinced yet.  

  • 6 out of 10 people agree that “their employer bears some responsibility for ensuring their overall health.” (Buffett National Wellness Survey)  
  • 80% of employees at companies with robust health and wellness programs at work feel engaged and cared for by their employers.  
  • 89% of employees who work in companies promoting wellbeing activities are more likely to recommend their company as an excellent workplace. (American Psychological Association, 2017) 


7 Ideas to Incorporate Wellness in Your Corporate Events 


1. Pick a Venue That Promotes Wellness.   

From now on, there will be a preference for outdoor spaces. But other factors also have a strong influence on the attendee experience: color, shapes, smells, and even texture.  

If planned well, all these ingredients will work in your favor to help you keep attendees energized and optimistic between meetings and conferences.  


If you cannot take your meetings outside, you can bring nature in with you. Use plants, water features, and natural materials, that give your indoor meeting area a natural feel. These are just right to get your attendees’ creative juices flowing.” (Corporate Wellness Magazine) 


2. Feel Good Food  


Say no to junk food. Providing your attendees with healthier and more diverse food options will help you make them feel cared for and appreciated. If you are hosting for diverse audiences, you want to include options for different ethnic backgrounds.  

The more diverse your clients, the more diverse your employees, the more diverse your food options should be.  Invite chefs from different cultures to teach people cooking recipes and you will be transforming a simple activity into an educational experience.    

Remember: good food and good company are two of life’s simple greatest pleasures.  


 3. Tea Tasting & Aromatherapy  


Incorporating taste and smell in your corporate events will help you create sensory memories in your attendees that will last with them for a long time. Smell and taste can trigger powerful physiological and emotional responses in people.   


Tea tasting events range from 60 to 90 minutes and can accommodate large groups. They are great ways to encourage your attendees to taste and learn about tea health, tea culture, and wellness.  


Also, aromatherapy breaks, self-care stations, gift packages and complimentary aromatherapy massages, are some of the ways you can give attendees a unique experience. Whether your event is virtual, hybrid or live, the benefits are outstanding. 


“Aromatherapy is a powerful tool to engage participants and create a desired ambience.” – Meetings Today 


4. Bring Laughter to Your Corporate Events  

Scientific studies confirm that laughter is a great medicine to relieve stress and anxiety.  Comedy is always a good idea to jump-start a corporate event. Laughter elevates the energy in the room and sets the mood for a great session.  

At Innovate Marketing Group, our Cocktails & Comedy experience includes a special cocktail created especially for the group and demonstrated and guided by a professional mixologist. The attendees then enjoy a virtual comedy show together.  

In the virtual experience, kits are hand delivered to all attendees prior to the event. They include all the necessary essentials and ingredients. No prior experience is needed, just plenty of ice! 


5. Stretch breaks & Yoga  

Corporate event fatigue is real! Oftentimes, attendees are asked to sit for a long period of time at meetings and conferences. This is why physical activity breaks are great resources to keep your attendees awake and alert.  

Corporate Yoga classes increase productivity. They are designed to gently stretch the body while increasing energy for a seamless transition back to work. But other activities are recommended as well.  

Group walking discussions, hiking sessions, pantomimes, Tai Chi sessions, are just some examples. Remember, stretch breaks can take place anywhere: inside the meeting room, outside the building, or even in their chairs.  

The fitness component isn’t new to events and meetings, but the benefits continue to be proved especially in the new virtual and hybrid events.   


6. Move and Dance 

Make your attendees experience the fun of dance. Dance shows are always a great idea for corporate event entertainment. But you can take it to the next level by having your attendees stand up and dance!  

Dance breaks can be awesome ice breakers. They allow for individuals to show their true personalities and that helps people connect in a deeper level.  

Move and Dance group activities are also fun ways to embrace diversity and multiculturalism in your corporation. They encourage learning, sharing, laughter and love for the different cultures. 

Salsa lessons, Bollywood performances, and Hula lessons and a few examples of them. 

Give people excuses to connect at your events and you will last in their memories for a long time.  


7. Mindfulness & Meditation  

In a world of high stress, a need for serenity and clarity of thought is emerging. Incorporating Mindfulness and Meditation activities at your corporate events will help your attendees feel more serene, creative and willing to enjoy the experience.   

These types of therapeutic sessions provide your attendees with moments of calmness needed to keep them energized and focused. Meditation breaks will help them let go their concerns and equalize. They will be calmer, more patient, and more themselves. 



We hope you enjoy the possibilities shared on this list. We have been implementing many of them on the different corporate events that we helped plan and run. If you need help or advice, do not hesitate to reach us.  

Remember: Plan ahead with the final experience in mind.  





incorporate wellness in corporate events