Above the Keyboard: How to Look Good for your Virtual Meeting

Live and virtual events are not made the same. Just because a speaker is dynamic in a live setting, some training is involved to prepare a speaker for a virtual event. Whether this is for internal or external. With a live event speaker, they are used to making great eye contact with the room, walk the floor, etc. However, for a virtual event, different elements come into consideration. Here are some best practices to set your speaker up for success.

Set the Stage
• Camera Framing
o Place webcam or mobile device slightly above eye level
o Center yourself leaving an inch of space above your head
o Always choose landscape versus portrait
• Lighting
o The main light source should come from behind the camera
o Ensure that you are well lit but not overexposed
o The light should be evenly diffused and void of any shadows
• Environment
o Make sure your background is clean, tidy, and simple
o You should be the focus in your frame
o Choose a quiet space, free of distractions

• Deliver CONTENT that is relevant & valuable to the attendee.
• For best SOUND, use a higher quality microphone or headphones.
• Make sure everything in the camera frame looks PROFESSIONAL.
• Focus your ATTENTION directly on the camera lens.

Schedule a test run to ensure your content is coming through in the best way.
• Ensure strong Wi-Fi connection throughout, hard-wired internet preferred.
• Close all other applications on your device.
• Test, Test, Test!