Appealing to Sponsors

Finding sponsors can be as easy as meeting at a networking event, reaching out and inviting them to attend your event, or utilizing your own network of board members, advisory boards and your members’ network. The key is asking and following up! Draw sponsors in with marketing benefits, appealing to the company’s overall mission and highlight from the previous year’s events. Offer deliverables such as program ads, tickets to the event, VIP seating or receptions access, speaker introductions, social media tags, etc. We worked with a client who offered their top sponsor marketing visibility by projecting their logo onto the venues bookstore rooftop. Not only could this be seen by all the attendees, but it was also visible from the street. This was a great marketing opportunity for Wells Fargo. Another fun and innovative way for a sponsor to get recognition, is to brand pillows and lounge décor that will be utilized during the event. When considering sponsorship activation, think about what the attendees need/use the most.