Brand Collaborations in Events: Pitfalls, Challenges and Strategies for Success

  • 61% of marketers use events as their most important marketing tool. 
  • Event sponsorship drives brand engagement with 98% of consumers. 
  • Engaging in brand partnerships has the potential to boost a brand’s visibility by as much as 30%. 

Many global brands have partnered with others to offer their audiences exclusive events, products, or experiences. Brand collaborations in events are powerful strategies for boosting brand visibility, tapping into new markets and driving sales.  

However, studies indicate that 60-65% of brand partnerships fail. Why?  

When Brand Collaborations in Events Go Wrong

While the benefits are substantial, brand collaborations come with their own set of challenges. Maintaining a successful event partnership requires balanced effort from all parties involved. Here are some common issues that can arise: 

  1. Imbalanced Contributions: 

One of the most frequent problems is an imbalance in contributions. If one brand feels it’s putting in more effort or resources than the other, it can lead to resentment and conflict.  

  1. Maintaining Brand Alignment: 

Ensuring both brands remain aligned in their goals, values, and messaging is crucial. Any deviation can lead to a disjointed event experience that confuses or alienates attendees.  

Partnering with the wrong brand can negatively affect your business since according to recent studies (64 percent) of customers will buy or boycott a brand solely based on its values.  

  1. Ineffective Communication:

Lack of effective communication can derail even the most well-intentioned partnerships. Misunderstandings, missed deadlines, and uncoordinated efforts can result in a poorly executed event. 

The Impact of Failed Brand Collaborations

When event partnerships fail, the consequences can be severe: 

Wasted Time and Resources: When deals fall apart, disagreements can lead to the dissolution of partnerships, wasting time and resources invested. 

Broken Relationships: Failed collaborations can damage professional relationships, making future partnerships difficult. 

Social Media Backlash: Negative experiences can quickly spread on social media, tarnishing both brands’ reputations. 

Economic Loss: Unsuccessful events can lead to financial losses, both from direct expenses and lost future opportunities. 

Mismatched Goals and Bad PR: Divergent objectives and poor public perception can harm both brands’ images. 

Strategies to Minimize Risks & Ensure Successful Brand Collaborations at Events

To avoid these pitfalls and ensure successful brand collaborations in events, we have put together the following strategies you can implement in your next event. 

Collaborative Event Planning: Involve both brands in the planning process from the beginning. Jointly outline goals, roles, and responsibilities to ensure everyone is on the same page. Regular meetings and updates can help keep the planning process on track.

Resource Utilization: Maximize the strengths and resources each brand brings to the partnership. Identify areas where one brand excels and let them take the lead in those areas. This not only ensures high-quality execution but also fosters a sense of mutual respect and collaboration.

Effective Communication: Effective communication is the backbone of any successful partnership. Establish clear communication protocols from the start. Use project management tools, regular check-ins, and clear documentation to ensure everyone is informed and aligned.

After the event, conduct a thorough evaluation to understand what worked well and what didn’t. Use this feedback to improve future collaborations.  

Post-Event Evaluation: Conduct a detailed post-event evaluation to assess the success of the partnership. Analyze key metrics such as attendance, engagement, and ROI. This evaluation will provide insights into the effectiveness of the collaboration and areas for improvement.

Brand Alignment and Values: Ensure both brands share similar values and goals. This alignment is critical for creating a cohesive event experience. Regularly revisit these goals and values to ensure they remain aligned throughout the partnership.

Inside the TikTok Shop “Beauty & Bloom” Event: A Showcase of Brand Collaboration

Event Overview: The TikTok Shop “Beauty & Bloom” spring beauty event serves as a prime example of how strategic brand partnerships can lead to successful outcomes for all participants. By collaborating with top beauty brands, this event highlighted the potential of well-executed event strategies. 

Event Details: 

  • Location: The Maybourne Beverly Hills 
  • Attendees: 200 
  • Date: Spring 2023 

Event Highlights: The exclusive brand and creator matchmaking event brought together a vibrant community of beauty enthusiasts and creators. The day was packed with engaging activities designed to foster creativity and networking. 

Key Features: 

  • Brand Activations: Guests experienced interactive brand activations that showcased the latest in beauty innovations. 
  • Content Creation Stations: Attendees had access to dedicated content creation stations, providing them with the tools and space to produce high-quality content. 
  • Live DJ: A live DJ set the tone with a vibrant soundtrack, seamlessly blending networking, innovation, and entertainment. 

Participating Brands: 

The TikTok Shop “Beauty & Bloom” event exemplifies how effective brand collaboration can create a memorable and successful event. By bringing together top beauty brands and creators, the event ensured a dynamic and engaging experience for all involved. 

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