Brand Promotion at Events

Events aren’t just for socializing anymore. The ample opportunity to network and promote at events is too great to ignore, and companies and businesses are making the most out of it. However, now in order to successfully promote and increase awareness of your brand, more needs to be done than just good ole swapping of business cards.

Most events have multiple sponsors or supporters; this is a great why to get the company name out there while also attaching it with a great event or cause, especially if it is for a charity, and associating your brand with at least a few other recognizable companies. Following up with that, make sure that your company logo is present throughout the event, from banners, to giveaways, special mentions and shout-outs, and teleprompter screens, it is vital to get that logo engrained in the audiences’ minds.

With social media almost completely taking over the advertising and news industries, it more common than ever to see a strong social media presence at any type of event, from award galas to corporate functions. Using social media is a quick and easy way to not only spread awareness of your brand but create brand awareness, and at almost no cost. Hashtags and geotagging make it easier than ever to garner attention and increase brand awareness on social media, which has a very powerful impact on brand promotion.