Branding 101



Branding is more creative and important than ever before. Below are a few of the many ways top event Los Angeles agency, Innovate Marketing Group, has taken branding clients at events to an entirely new level:

  1. Custom branded desserts – Cake pops and fruit tarts are always a crowd-pleaser. Now take a fan-favorite red velvet cake pop dipped in white chocolate perfectly mixed to match the company’s official Pantone color and top it with an edible printed logo — you’re sure to satisfy sweet teeth and guests of all ages!

  1. On-brand photo props – In today’s social media-driven society, it’s important to remember how powerful a hashtag is to enhancing the impressions of your message online. The easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to enhance your digital blueprint is by having guests do the work for you; guests taking photos with your company’s slogans or event names. If you make a photo booth “Instagram worthy” enough followed by a beautiful backdrop, guests are unknowingly advertising for you by snapping and sharing priceless content!

  1. Branded décor – One of the many ways to brand simply at your next event is to add logos to an otherwise unnoticed area. For an office warming, Innovate Marketing Group went the extra step by customizing a lounge area and immediately turned it into a casual photo opportunity! During a Halloween event, custom decals were done throughout a couple of pumpkins in a pumpkin patch display causing fun surprises for guests. If a photo booth is not an option find simple ways to add color and branding for an extra touch.


  1. Custom Neon Signs – Light up your event with a cool neon sign. This will easily trend up any corner at your next event from a photo opportunity to a fun welcome sign! The best part about creating a custom sign is that it will serve as an investment for office décor for many years to come.


  1. Gobo Projections – Projecting your company logo is one of the most efficient ways to remind guests of who is hosting without taking up any additional space from the venue. Not only do they allow for more brand awareness but they make for a grand first impression, fun dancefloor, and excellent photo backdrops!