Celebrating Lunar New Year: Traditions, Fireworks, Culinary Delights, and Why It’s Good For Connecting Brands to Culture

celebrating lunar new year
  • Lunar New Year is a 15-day colorful and vibrant celebration also called the “Spring Festival” 
  • The Lunar New Year date changes each year. 
  • The color red is considered a lucky and “happy” color red is a symbol of luck, joy, good energy, and passion 
  • Lion dances, acrobats, and culinary delights are part of the entertainment.  
  • Each year has a zodiac animal assigned to it. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon.


Are you planning to celebrate Lunar New Year? This is a big opportunity for your brand to join this colorful and vibrant celebration and capture this huge market. Let’s dive in.   


The business opportunities behind Lunar New Year  

Lunar New Year brings great commercial opportunities to those who understand its importance. Fashions brands like Gucci, Prada, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton have joined the celebrations. And more companies from different industries are making their efforts to get a piece of that cake.  

This celebration of fellowship, diversity, and good luck, is also your first big opportunity in the year, to celebrate and show love to your employees, partners, and clients that belong to the East and Southeast Asian cultures. 



¨ Lunar New Year celebration is the most important holiday in the biggest luxury market. And, it is fundamental to get the marketing campaigns right. ¨ (Forbes) 


Ready to celebrate Lunar New Year?

How do you celebrate Lunar New Year? 

The Lunar New Year celebration has over 2,000 years of tradition and the traditions include house-cleaning, New Year shopping, crafts and decorations, the worship to the ancestors, and the reunion dinner.  

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, people eat auspicious foods: Dumplings, Fish, orange…etc, because dumplings look like gold yuanbao (ancient money), the word for fish in Chinese, (鱼) sounds like ‘surplus’, and the word for orange (桔) in Chinese sounds like “fortune/luck” 

Red envelopes are given out from older to younger, from bosses to employees, and from leaders to underlings. These are filled with money – and symbolize good wishes and luck for the new year ahead. 




Similar to the 4th of July, people light tons of fireworks during the lunar new year, but the fireworks are used to scare the evil monster away 

This colorful festivity also represents a huge opportunity to reunite and reconnect with your clients, partners, and employees, while celebrating the new year’s arrival.  

The fireworks, the lion dance, the music, the paintings, the clothing, the red envelopes , the decorations, the acrobats, the culinary delights… All these amazing details will help you throw a fascinating event experience embracing this culture.  



What do people eat at Lunar New Year Festivals?  

Food is one of the most important elements of Lunar Year festivals. Many traditional foods are consumed during the celebrations. For example, people eat Laba porridge, Laba tofu, and noodles during the Laba Festival. But other Dishes with lucky meanings are included during the reunion dinner, such as fish, dumplings, Nian Gao (sticky rice cake), and spring rolls.   




Planning Lunar New Year Events  


When planning Chinese Lunar New Year events, there are some beliefs and taboos that you should take into consideration. For example, you want to avoid using words with negative connotations, breaking things, cleaning or sweeping before the Spring Festival, and using scissors, among many others.  

As experts in planning diverse and inclusive events and members of the Asian American community in Los Angeles, California, we will help you plan an impactful Lunar Year event experience and kick off the year re-boosting your team’s energy. 



Entertainment Ideas to Celebrate the Lunar New Year 

The Lunar New Year event experience includes amazing festivities, live entertainment, culinary delights, beautiful décor and engaging performances such as: 

  • Chinese Opera 
  • Lion dances 
  • Fireworks 
  • Live entertainment 
  • Mask changing  
  • Chinese dough modeler 
  • Acrobatics 
  • Lantern exhibit 
  • Play the game Mahjong  
  • Reunion dinner  
  • Among others 


 Want to start planning your Lunar New Year event?


If you are planning to celebrate Lunar New Year in Los Angeles California or any other place in the country, give us call. Our team will handle the details and you can focus on the celebration.   

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