3 Fun and Creative Company Holiday Party Themes

Company Holiday Party Themes

Corporate holiday parties are all about engagement and shared experiences. Your next holiday event should deliver a 360-degree sensory experience through themed entertainment, venue transformation, customized food and beverage, signage, and activations. If you want to make an impact, you need to start planning now! Here are 3 fun and creative company holiday party themes to start with.  


Company Holiday Party Ideas

Company Holiday Party Themes

Bond 007 Theme  

Style and sophistication at their best! Surprise your team with a black-tie Bond-themed holiday party. Glamorous red carpet, casino roulette and blackjack tables, live orchestra music, large screens featuring classic movies, and a costume cocktail bar. Plus, everyone has a license to celebrate!  


Neon/Glow Party 

Let your team glow on! A walk-through light experience designed to celebrate the holidays in a unique and shiny way. Design a 360-degree shining and fun experience, including glow-in-the-dark party invitations, laser tags, luminescent decoration, glimmering activations, and more.  Add some music and celebrate! 


Company Holiday Party themes

Winter Wonderland 

Take your attendees to a magical world of snowfalls and polar twilights. Use projection mapping and other technologies to add a special touch and transform your venue. Add some seasonal entertainment and ice-cold drinks! 


You have the opportunity to make your next company Holiday Party a night to remember. Be creative, map a multi-sensorial attendee journey that truly celebrates your company´s milestones, reward employees, and show everybody that you appreciate all the hard work they have done during the year.  


company holiday party themes 

Do not worry about the details, we will do all the work, you can do the celebration. 

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