Campaigning With Contests

Want to generate more audience involvement for your next event? Promote the one thing that all human beings can’t get enough of: prizes. Holding contests is an effective method of engaging your potential guests or customers with your brand and keeping them eager for that upcoming date. With simple strategic thinking, you can even target a particular demographic you’re hoping to reach (read on to find out how!).

You have probably experienced contests that are held during an event, from raffles to costume contests. While there’s no doubt that those get guests involved throughout the occasion, how can you spread word about your event before the date and raise attendance? With the contagious use of social media nowadays, you can make this happen without even moving off your office chair! Advertise your upcoming event, and simultaneously your company, by utilizing this sweeping virtual platform at zero cost. Use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other forms of social media you or your company have to hold online contests and encourage followers to participate. If you don’t yet have any of these accounts, I’d highly recommend you launch them; they are effective vehicles to expose your event and get your brand known, particularly to a younger demographic.

While social media has grown popularity among older generations, there is no doubt that it has a higher influence over the population that was raised with its presence. Therefore, employing social media to hold contests and offer prize rewards will automatically appeal to the younger crowd that is always logged on. For instance, the IMG team is planning a grand opening event (shout out to Wing Hop Fung!) and incorporating social media campaigns in the form of online contests to expose the company to a younger demographic and encourage attendance.  By divulging weekly “quizzes” until the day of the event and notifying participants to collect their prizes at the actual event, we’re helping the company appeal to a wider demographic of attendees. Another strategy is to encourage followers to tag a friend in order to be entered into your contest and- voila!- your company’s exposure has just doubled.

What are some other strategies you have tried to get guests to interact with your brand? Have you tried this marketing method before? If not, try it out and let us know how it goes!