Cool Activation: Programmable LED Wristbands

Xylobands 2 Xylobands

More than just glow-in-the-dark bracelets, these multipurpose, radio controlled LED wristbands can be used at galas, conferences, parties, and more to give the event an element of surprise. As décor, they can function as napkin rings that will create the “WOW” factor when guests first enter the dining area. An engaging opportunity for branding, these wristbands also energize and integrate the audience into the entertainment’s performance by changing color according to the speaker’s cue or pulsating to the beat. These wristbands can serve dual function at all-day or multi-day exhibitions and conferences as well, by being programmed to flash at timed intervals to usher attendees to the next destination or to glow different colors to divide guests into breakout groups.

Photo Credit: Xylobands