Corporate Event Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month with your clients and employees

Corporate Event Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month is an opportunity to educate, recognize, reflect, and experience new things with your employees and clients, in times where everything is trying to set us apart.  

This is a unique opportunity to honor and celebrate Black culture and showcase Black excellence in its many forms: food, film, comedy, music, literature, and more. Here are some corporate event ideas to celebrate, energize, educate, and entertain. 


Event Ideas for Black History Month 


#1 Host a Workshop. 

 Workshops are a great event idea for Black History Month. They allow you to provide useful health and cultural education in a way that’s interactive and engaging. This type of workshop will focus heavily on cultural awareness and anti-racism. They are often an effective tool in creating positive changes in your employees and cementing initiatives within your organization. 

Recognizing and celebrating your clients’ and employees’ racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds is an effective way of building psychological safety and engagement while preventing racial discrimination.  


 #2 Support Black-Owned Businesses and Artists.  

You can positively affect and change a social

circumstance with art…” – Mos Def

Black artists create and send powerful messages. One of the best ways to give the community a voice is to support the artists who are speaking out. Celebrate with the community by hosting a live or virtual performance featuring Black musicians, dancers, comedians… accompanied by short talks and art installations, including the presence of small business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Every year in February, a wealth of concerts, lectures, and film screenings, but also amazing art exhibitions take place throughout the museums in the United States, but also abroad. You can join the movement by helping to amplify the voice of those who are already making a change in your communities. We can help you handle all the details, from reaching artists, business owners, securing the venues, and catering. We are experts in planning diverse and inclusive community events.


#3 Host a Series of Talks – TED Talks Format. 

We are pretty sure you are familiar with the TED Talks. These events continue to be a strong strategy around the world to foster social and cultural change.

There are so many awesome African American community leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, CEOs, motivational speakers, celebrities, and leadership experts that will help you inspire change in your organization if you only create the spaces for them to talk in front of your audience and offer a safe space to amplify their voices. 



Tell us about your event needs, ideas, pains, and hurdles. 


#4 Make a Field Trip (or Virtual Trip) to Visit Local Landmarks to Learn About Black History and Culture.

Field trips are great experiences to have your team and clients learn about the area’s cultural significance to the Black community and the US at large while doing some bonding in the process. 

Here is a quick list of museums and places you could visit in L.A. 

  • California African American Museum (CAAM) 
  • African American Firefighter Museum (AAFM 
  • Museum of African American Art (MAAA) 
  • Biddy Mason Park 
  • Leimert Park 
  •  Among many other. 

Do not worry about the details, our team will dedicate the time to craft a wonderful experience to explore the unique surroundings of the area we call home: Los Angeles and Orange County. 


#5 Host a Book Festival or Create a Series of Virtual Book Club Sessions

Reading is one of the best ways to learn about different perspectives. You can create your own book festival exclusively for Black authors to help them amplify their voices and give your clients and employees the chance to learn more about Black Literature and get a unique VIP interaction with them.  

The book club (virtual, hybrid or in-person) is also a great way to introduce them to Black writers and different viewpoints.

Many pages like Literati host Book Clubs with celebrities and community leaders that will help you get some new ideas.


corporate event ideas to celebrate black history month



Remember, this year, Black History Month is all about representation, identity and diversity.  Here are 3 best practices to keep in mind to your celebrations.  


Some Best Practices To Keep in Mind: 

  • Don’t single anyone out. You can’t assume someone wants to be involved in your planning process simply because of their ethnic background. 
  • Make sure it’s a company-wide effort. Encourage everyone to participate. It shouldn’t be incumbent on Black employees to organize everything. 
  • Don’t limit your learning to February. Schedule events and activities throughout the year that honor different backgrounds and cultures. 


If you are thinking of hosting a corporate event to celebrate Black History Month, do not hesitate to reach us to talk about it. We put all our passion and expertise on your hands to make your ideas become amazing experiences for your attendees.

Give us a chance to join your efforts, we are a group of passionate experienced corporate event planners in Los Angeles California ready to jump into your projects.


Corporate events to celebrate black history month