Diversity and Inclusion Shine Through

In the wake of major social and political changes, many leading companies are now taking necessary steps to increase and improve diversity and inclusion within their workspace. The need for increased representation and support for all cultures and backgrounds is needed now more than ever and benefits both the people and the company.

Studies show that diverse teams (1):

  • 33% more likely to generate better-than-average profits.
  • 70% more likely to capture new markets.
  • Generate 19% more revenue from innovation than companies with below-average leadership diversity.

Since the beginning, diversity and inclusion have always been integrated into our framework here at Innovate Marketing Group. As a proud female and Asian Owned business, we have widely supported diversity in all forms: race, age, gender, and many more. She currently sits on the board of Entrepreneur Organization (EO-LA) as the Diversity & Inclusion Chair as well.

From our internal and extended team, to the amazing vendors we partner with, to the events we produce, diversity has and will always be at the forefront. “We have really enjoyed working with these diverse associations and assist them to elevate their events. we look forward to doing more impactful work like this in the future.” Said Amanda Ma, CEO and Founder of Innovate Marketing Group. Prioritizing diversity allows a company to cultivate a culture where all team members, partners, and clients are empowered to share their ideas and innovative talents. By creating an environment where all are included, we pave the way to allow for mutual success!

The IMG Team:


Southern California Minority Business Development Council 2019 Leadership Excellence Awards

The Latino Coalition Legislative Summit & Latina Prosperity Summit

Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics Leadership Awards Celebration


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