Diversity and Inclusion Training Speaker Highlight

It has been a tumultuous time. How are you holding up, during these moments of uncertainty and struggle? What about your employees who are feeling the burden right now??

Given recent events a lot of companies are enhancing their company initiative for diversity and inclusion. Here is a speaker to help keep your company relevant and address the current situation.

Her expertise creates avenues for learning, dialogue, and growth with the long-term aim of fostering an inclusive environment for all. The outcome results in truly engaged individuals and groups, a removal of barriers to progress and potential, and a renewed dedication to a greater cause. In order to get there, there is likely a need to address gaps and wounds, acknowledging that these moments are a part of our history that force us to be stronger and more steadfast in our efforts towards a common goal of including and supporting everyone, to achieve our fullest potential, together.

Bank of the West, Sales Force, Ebay, and Cision have tapped into her training. Her website: www.farzananayani.com

Areas of focus: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Intercultural Communication, Unconscious Bias, Cross-Cultural Awareness, Inclusive Leadership, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Identity & Intersectionality, Organizational Change, Global Relocation.