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event activation envy

One of the best ways to make a meaningful impact on a guest at your next event is through event activations.Event Activations or brand activations have taken over the events industry as guests are demanding engagement and originality more than ever!

If you want people to feel, touch, and really experience your brand with immersive experiences, interactive event activations provide you with the best experiential marketing to take your events to the next level. Below are a few ways our agency has taken engaging guests to an entirely new level.


“Be Inspired” Wall

We partnered with Honda to design an interactive way for attendees to play with their tagline by encouraging a prompt and respond wall. Attendees were able to choose colored threads to connect relevant and powerful words that mirror their motivations and lead to vibrant imagery of the network created by empowered dreamers. What better way to help people remember your mantra than interacting with it?



Holiday Event Activations

Event activations are for holiday events! The holiday season is the season of the year when everyone is expecting to see some magic around. You can see it in the malls, you can see it on your screen, you can find it on the street, and you better have it at your events. Do not disappoint your attendees! Brand activations are the perfect element to add to your holiday party. Help your guests bring the holidays home by setting up an intricate wreath-making bar full of mini pinecones, custom company-branded charms, colorful pipe cleaners, and a whole lot of hot glue!


Want more event activation ideas?


Champagne Wall, Chalkboard Wall & Custom Beverages

Artisanship is on trend and what easier way to decorate than to ask your guests to write their favorite words with chalk?  Bubble brilliance! Why serve an average tray pass champagne set when you can have your guests pick up a champagne-filled flute off of a decadent champagne wall!? This saves on staffing needs and adds a whole lot of photo fun!  Printing custom edible latte designs is a win-win because it engages your guests and they leave with a unique version of your logo!



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