Event Activation

How do you acknowledge your top dealers, drive engagement with your attendees, and stand out from the crowd? We did just that for the community outreach department during the annual Toyota National Dealers Meeting in Las Vegas.

To recognize the top 10 dealers in the nation, we designed a 10’x16’ft coloring wall with a map of the United States that pinpoints each of the top 10 dealership locations. Under the dealerships, was a brief description of their tremendous community efforts. This activation was titled, “Giving is Cool, who do you support?” Attendees were encouraged to color and sign the wall with a cause they are most passionate about. The wall not only showcased the top dealers, but also highlighted the causes that the attendees cared about, tying it all together with the community outreach goals.

By the end of the dealer meeting, the coloring wall was filled with attendee’s signature and the causes they support. The overall activation tied together the client’s goals, with a high engagement and interactive experience for attendees to express and showcase the causes they support. Contact us today to curate a customized activation to drive engagement and meet your marketing goals!