Event Industry Forecast 2024

Event Industry Forecast 2024 - Innovate Marketing Group -

Explore the trends, innovations, and strategic insights shaping 2024’s events landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiast, this report is your gateway to understanding the pulse of the events world in 2024. Our State of the Industry Report 2024  will serve you as a powerful resource to improve your event planning, get more impact out of your events, and just stay ahead of the game! 

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Some topics covered:
  • The Creator Economy is BOOMING!
  • AI has entered the room.
  • Top Brands maximizing success with brand collaborations
  • Micro events to engage with highly targeted audiences.
  • Multi-region event series to champion DE&I, and foster a sense of belonging.


If you don’t love reading, do not worry! You will have access to the webinar recording as well.

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Event Industry Trends Forecast 2024

¨In 2024, events will revolutionize customer experience by embracing innovation, sustainability, diversity, and impactful brand collaborations. Beyond entertainment, events aim to be transformative catalysts for positive change, leaving attendees not just entertained but genuinely changed.¨ – Amanda Ma, CEO of Innovate Marketing Group