Event Planner Wanted


Event Planner for Innovate Marketing Group, Inc. Bachelor in Business or Arts Administration. 

Salary; $ 40,581/Year-$44,660/Year. Rsm to H.R. 300 S Raymond Ave, Ste 2, Pasadena, CA 91105. 


  Job Duties:

Consult with clients, especially arts and cultural events clients, museums, art galleries, arts organizations, to determine objectives and requirements for events. Plan and develop programs, agendas, and services according to client’s requirements.

Beneficiary will participate in meetings with clients to learn their needs, answer clients’ inquiries and make sure the designs and events meet clients’ expectations and aesthetic requirements; Support sponsorships and fundraising related matters for client’s events.

Beneficiary will outreach to sponsors and negotiate for sponsorships, and/or provide suggestions for client’s fundraising needs for its events. Companies often rely heavily on events (such as conventions, galas, community events) to raise funds, create connections with supporters and potential investors, and build on relationships.

Beneficiary will consult with clients regarding their fundraising needs and provide suggestions regarding fundraising strategy for the events; Plan and develop events budgets based on client’s requirements and IMG’s procedures.

Conduct budget planning and control to make sure costs of the event are within budget, negotiate with vendors for necessary event details and costs and review event bills for accuracy;

Review design sketches, layout drawings, renderings for clients’ events, including arts and cultural events, and in collaboration with account managers or other team members.

Participate in company’s internal departmental, planning, and design meetings, as well as in brainstorming sessions, and review and provide modification suggestions for existing design drawings and layouts based on client’s needs and company practices.