Event Series

Keep the momentum going & amplify the impact of your events! 

Planning to host large-scale events with 500+ or 1000+ attendees? Introducing new diversity and inclusion corporate initiatives and ERG groups? Perhaps celebrating an important milestone in various cities? If your organization has offices in different locations, it’s essential to ensure inclusivity and unity by considering a strategic approach.
Event series allow large companies and corporations to host events in different cities and connect with their employees where they are and foster a strong sense of community and cohesion within your entire organization.
Event series are year-round event strategies that help you leverage multiple event types and formats. Instead of pinning all your hopes on one event, you should build a year-round event program that is exciting and impactful, where all your events serve as key milestones to help you reach your goals.  
  • Disengaged employees cost organizations around $450-550 billion each year (Zippia.com) 
  • Engaged employees show up to work and do more: Highly engaged business units realize an 81% difference in absenteeism and a 14% difference in productivity. (Gallup) 
  • 70% of the audience becomes regular customers after attending a marketing event. (Visme) 
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Year-Round Event Strategies

Pros & Benefits of event series

  • Event Series help you be more intentional and more impactful with your events. 
  • Foster a strong sense of community and cohesion within your entire organization.
  • Event series are great to keep your employees engaged and increase their emotional commitment to your company. 
  • Event series help you improve the results of your diversity & inclusion efforts.  
  • Event series are great to keep your clients engaged and increase repeat business.  
  • Event series are great to help build Employee Resources Groups (ergs) and communicate their benefits with the rest of the organization. 

¨Creating a culture of engagement is not easy. Building a highly engaged organization takes intention, investment, and effort over several years. But the results are worth it¨ -Gallup

Reimagine your future events.

Let us help you build your own year-round events strategy. Do what works best for you, your company, and attendees.  
Think outside the box, determine your events’ intention and we will help you figure the rest.