Events to Celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month and enjoy the “Sabor Latino”

Events to Enjoy The “Sabor Latino” and Celebrate HispanicLatinx Heritage Month (1)

Events are perfect occasions to celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month. If you want to bring the team together and enjoy a fun Fiesta, events are great to celebrate and share love with your Hispanic/Latinx employees and clients.  

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Here are some event ideas to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with them. 



1. Hispanic/Latinx Love at First Bite! 

Nothing brings people together like food. Cuisine festivals and cooking classes will help you bring all the Latin joy and flavor to your events. Hispanic/Latinx cuisine is one of the most diverse and representative around the world, and it is much more than tacos and paella. 

There are many awarded Hispanic and Latinx chefs you can get inspired from or hire for your events. Some of the are Bricia Lopez (Mexican food), Illyanna Maisonet (Puerto Rican), Angelo Sosa (Dominican), Adrianne Calvo (Cuban-American), Raul Medina (Californian-Mexican), and Erik Ramirez (Peruvian-American), among many others.  

We can also recommend different wonderful vendors that will help you put the F in Flavor. Here are some of them: 



2. Science and Technology for All! 

Business associations, universities and other organizations partner to create events to celebrate and support Latinx entrepreneurs all over the country. Some of the more popular events are hackathons, pitch fests, virtual art exhibitions, festivals, museum displays and exhibitions, among others. 

You can follow this trend and make a difference in your community by throwing an event (or a series) that brings new opportunities for future scientists in the Latinx/Hispanic community. The good news is you don’t need to know all the details, we can help you make it possible.  


 3. Shut up and Salsa!   

Latinx Heritage Festivals are perfect events to enjoy the ¨Sabor Latino¨. They bring the community together for a day of fiesta, salsa, Latin music, art displays and exhibitions, civic engagement, cultural booths, and activities for Children, among others.  

Go for a celebration of color, music, and art! Engage with Hispanic/Latinx painters, muralists, photographers, filmmakers, novelists, poets, dancers, musicians, activists, and small business owners.  


Events to Enjoy The “Sabor Latino” and Celebrate HispanicLatinx Heritage Month (1)

4. Seminars are Great Events to Celebrate Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month 

Seminars can help develop empathy and a sense of connection between members of your team. These events are great for companies and organizations serving communities that are predominantly Hispanic or Latino and want to bring the community together.  Seminars can come in different formats, and they can either be Live, virtual or hybrid.  

Some of the benefits of seminars are:  

  • Learning new skills 
  • Employee retention 
  • Stay updated on industry news 
  • Get inspired by success stories  
  • Certifications 
  • Opportunity to ask questions in a judgment-free environment 
  • among others.  


5. Community Events to Support Hispanic-owned businesses 

You can also support Hispanic/Latinx business owners by hosting an event where attendees can try their business firsthand and get to know more about their background and the story of the people behind the brands.  

These types of community events include cultural performances, delicious cuisine, crafts bazaar, live music, brand activations, and more elements that provide attendees with a 360-degree experience.  




Some Best Practices to Keep in Mind:  

  • Don’t single anyone out. You can’t assume someone wants to be involved in your planning process simply because of their ethnic background.  

  • Make sure it’s a company-wide effort. Encourage everyone to participate. It shouldn’t be incumbent on Hispanic or Latinx employees to organize everything.  

  • Don’t limit your learning to September-October, schedule events and activities throughout the year that honor different backgrounds and cultures.  



If you are thinking of hosting corporate events to celebrate Latinx History Month, do not hesitate to reach us to talk about it. We put all our passion and expertise into your hands to make your ideas become amazing experiences for your attendees. 

Give us a chance to join your efforts, we are a group of passionate, experienced corporate event planners in Los Angeles, California, ready to jump into your projects. 



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