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EventUp podcast by Innovate Marketing Group

On behalf of our entire team at EventUp podcast and Innovate Marketing Group, we want to thank the community for two years of shared stories and amazing conversations. We want to thank our fantastic lineup of podcast speakers during these first 2 years of life. We appreciate you for taking the time to join the show and share your wisdom and personal experiences with our audience. Your contribution provides great value to our listeners! 

The EventUp podcast was formed two years ago out of our desire to help others gain insight into the current happenings within the events industry but it truly blossomed into having guests from many different industries such as communications, public relations, marketing, tech, and entertainment. 

By now, Event Up has 50+ episodes and over 3000+ listens and this year, we are going for more! 

Thank you for helping make EventUp podcast a great success! 


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2023 Speaker List

Upcoming 2023 Speakers


2022 Speaker List | EventUp Podcast

  • Ashley Cline, co-founder of Ice Cream Social
  • Jonathan Kazarian, Founder & CEO of Accelevents
  • Amelia Ceja, President & CEO of Ceja Vineyards
  • Carolina Veira, Director of Strategic Partnerships – DEI with CareMax Inc
  • Dan Gingiss, customer service expert and author of The Experience Maker
  • Robert Richman, Keynote Speaker, Culture Hackers
  • Jennifer Reynolds, Founder, Sauce Goddess LLC
  • Carly Slivinski, Event Operations, and Logistics, National Football League
  • Connie Luc, VP of Events Marketing, City National Bank
  • Sara Rosas, Business Development Manager, Innovate Marketing Group
  • Trish Lindo, Senior Creator Manager, LinkedIn
  • Kerilyn Sato, Corporate Event Manager, Innovate Marketing Group
  • Anu Rao, Vice President of Communications, Moët Hennessy North America
  • Susan Lindner, CEO & Founder, Emerging Media PR
  • Edward Simon, COO/Founder, Diversity Advisors
  • Bird Cooley, Marketing Intern, Innovate Marketing Group
  • Allison Citelli, Vice President of Events & Business Development, Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission (LASEC)
  • Sara Rosas, Business Development Manager, Innovate Marketing Group
  • Shelly Pisors, Senior Vice President, Director of Events & Contributions, Comerica Bank
  • Kevin Iwamoto, Chief Customer Officer, Bizly Inc.
  • Mark Henneberger, VP of Creative Services, Walmart

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EventUP podcast by Innovate Marketing Group



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