EventUp Podcast Celebrates Three Years of Inspiring Conversations and Insights

Event Up 3 Year Anniversary

Los Angeles– May 2024 – EventUp Podcast is proud to announce its third anniversary as a leading platform for engaging discussions, thought-provoking interviews, and insightful commentary on the world of events, marketing, and beyond.

Since its inception three years ago, EventUp Podcast has been dedicated to providing listeners with valuable insights, expert advice, and behind-the-scenes stories from the forefront of the events industry.

Bringing people together

From event planning tips to in-depth interviews with industry professionals, the podcast has become a go-to resource for event planners, marketers, and anyone interested in the art of bringing people together.

We are thrilled to celebrate three years of EventUp Podcast,” said Amanda Ma, Host of EventUp Podcast. 

“Over the past three years, we have had the privilege of sharing inspiring stories, exploring emerging trends, and connecting with listeners from around the world. We are grateful for the support of our audience and the incredible guests who have joined us on this journey.”

Event Up podcast - amanda ma

Some highlights from the episodes:

Help people feel a sense of belonging to become more engaged.

“We are seeing a lot of synchronism around ideas like neural inclusion, and a design practice for belonging, and practical things we can do as event professionals to make people feel a sense of belonging and be more engaged. Different content modalities are leveraging multisensory experiences, color, light, texture, sound, and combining science, art, and technology.” 

— Megan Henshall, Global Events Strategic Lead at Google, Episode 63 

Lean into the value of in-person events.

“People are finally understanding the importance of events. People understand the value of events. Now that they see how effective they are, now that they see how important they are to building experience, building community, building your customer base, it’s very important.” 

— Venita McLemore, Senior Manager of Public Relations Events at Amazon Web Services, Episode 49 

Transform your event from good to great 

“An event goes from good to great when it creates a memorable experience for attendees. This can be achieved by focusing on the tiniest of details from design elements, engaging activities, and the quality of food and beverage.” 

— Erin Edwards, Director of Marketing and Communication at Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, Episode 54 



*See the full lineup of guests

Throughout this three-year run, our podcast has featured diverse guests, including top industry experts from Amazon, Google, Moet Hennessy, and more.

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