From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Stellar Influencer Events

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The influencer marketing world has been catapulted to new and exciting directions beyond social media campaigns.  Influencer events are one of the most exciting and impactful of all. But you need to make the event fresh and innovative. New experiences capture influencers and provide them with an outlet for creative content-making!  

So, how do you organize influencer events that are exciting, out of the ordinary, and stellar? Here are some of our top recommendations.  


How to plan influencer events by Innovate Marketing Group


Hosting Stellar Influencer Events  


Think strategically: Start with the goal in mind. 

At Innovate Marketing Group, we always start planning our events with the goal in mind. To effectively organize influencer events, a robust event strategy is crucial. This strategy encompasses designing a seamless attendee journey and ensuring that every aspect and moment of the event aligns harmoniously with the overarching plan and, consequently, the desired outcomes. By maintaining this holistic approach, we strive to deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations. 


Define your target & guest list. 

To maximize resources and impact when hosting influencer marketing events, first, you need to decide who is your target audience and make sure the influencers selected align with your brand. Plus, you want to have a good mix of micro and macro influencers. You have a limited number of participants expected and you must be very strategic about who is attending the event.   


Make it unique and intentional.  

Be creative when picking the venue or deciding on the activities planned for the community of influencers. You don’t need a huge place or throw a big tradeshow, instead, concentrate on crafting a memorable experience that caters to your budget.  

By thinking outside the box, you can create a distinctive and unforgettable atmosphere for your attendees. Remember, awe-inspiring moments generate significant coverage. Therefore, it’s essential to seize every opportunity during your event and plan meticulously in advance to ensure its success. 


Tell us about your event needs, ideas, and pains.


guide to hosting influencer events


Don’t lose sight of your brand. 

Influencer events are strategically designed to make influencers get excited about your brand and your products and services. That means that every element of your branding has an impact. This includes incorporating branded items such as pillows, drinks, snow cones, backdrops, and more. By leveraging these creative opportunities, you can effectively enhance the overall brand experience and leave a lasting impression on the influencers, fostering a positive association with your offerings. 


Be intentional about your swag bags. Less is more. 

We are intentional about what we recommend to our clients. Swag bags should be intentional and add value (not just another item to be left behind in the hotel room). Influencers meticulously curate their online presence and personal brand, and they love when someone presents them with a gift or gesture that genuinely reflects their individuality and resonates with their values. Be more intentional with your swag bags and increase the potential to forge a meaningful connection.   


Foster a culture of diversity and inclusiveness. 

In recent years, we have formed partnerships with several clients to organize events that cultivate a culture of diversity and inclusivity. One notable collaboration was with TikTok, where we joined forces to develop a series of events aimed at reconnecting with their Latinx and African-American creator communities.  

These gatherings were designed to generate enthusiasm among influencers regarding the company’s fresh initiatives and future plans. Through these endeavors, we sought to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment while strengthening the bond between the influencers and our clients. 

Check our TikTok Diverse Creator case study to learn more about it.  


 Make it a series! Go where they are. 

When seeking to connect with influencers in diverse cities, it’s time to consider embarking on an exciting influencer event tour. As part of the TikTok Diverse Creator initiative, our dedicated team has been traveling across the country, assisting our client in reconnecting with their various influencer communities.  

Our meticulous approach ensures that every detail of your influencer events is flawlessly executed, enhancing the TikTok brand presence and making each attendee feel like a true rockstar. Throughout the tour, we prioritize delivering an exceptional experience that fosters enthusiasm and leaves a lasting impact on both the influencers and our clients. 

If you are interested, we can do that for you. Let’s talk! 



Influencer Event Tour | Client Testimonial



To summarize

How do you organize extraordinary and stellar influencer events that are impactful and exciting? By providing a unique and engaging event experience that will make more influencers fall in love with your brand, and that will help you create some FOMO with other members of the community.  

There will be other Influencer events out there, but you want yours to be the one everyone talks about.

If you need some help with your events, we are more than happy to help!!! 

Do not hesitate to call us or shoot us an email, and we can set up some time to talk about your event ideas! 


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