Get in Gear: Innovate Marketing Group Helps Toyota Drive Engagement at Dealer Meeting

We are excited to share recently our event was featured on The Special Events blog- very exciting! Read Article. It shares how Innovate Marketing Group team helps Toyota both drive engagement and pull in feedback.

Innovate Marketing Group of Los Angeles curated an experience that tied together the client’s overall goals. Attendees were guided to take a short survey regarding their experience with the Toyota Dealer Match Program before they had the opportunity to try the virtual reality experiences. To promote Toyota as the 2020 Tokyo Olympic sponsor, attendees had the opportunity to select from Olympic game experiences including diving, beach volleyball, pole vaulting, and gymnastics. The VR experience had attendees on their toes as they dove and pole vaulted at extreme heights. The virtual reality gears were branded with the Toyota Dealer Match logo while the actual experiences were branded with the event logo.

Attendees were encouraged to post on social media showing who their favorite charitable organization is that they support. Posts were then featured on a 16’x9’ LED social wall which increased social engagement. After attendees posted on social media, they were given a branded tote swag bag to use during the event.

Toyota was able to obtain attendee feedback to better improve the Toyota Dealer Match Program while promoting their 2020 Tokyo Olympic sponsorship. Attendees were engaged through the branded virtual reality experiences and increased social engagement through the social wall. Innovate Marketing Group was able to create an experience that attracted attendees to the booth and get them involved.