GiveSmart Tips and Tricks: Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Event

With the growing COVID-19 situation at hand, and consequently, in-person events and gatherings being placed on hold for the time being, we are experiencing an increasing shift and movement to virtual fundraising events. Virtual events are not only a great solution but present benefits such as wider exposure and participation with the help of technology and social media. GiveSmart is a fantastic platform to use with all the capabilities needed to put on an impactful and successful virtual fundraising event.

 Below are 3 tips you should know when hosting a virtual event on GiveSmart:

  1. Communication is Key

One of the more difficult aspects of hosting a virtual event is holding the attention of your guests since they are not in the same room as you. To successfully get your message across and know that it has been received, communication must be at the forefront. GiveSmart provides message templates and allows you to create your own custom messages for email, text and social media platforms. These messages can be personally curated for specific recipient groups and for specific delivery times. This helps keep your audience in the know and focused on your event.

2. Elevate the Experience

We all know that there is an undeniable sense of excitement in the air at in-person events that is hard to replicate. In order to create that same feeling, the virtual event experience needs to be elevated. Incorporating an interactive live stream experience that guests can watch and participate in is an effective way to foster the enjoyment of an in-person event digitally. If you have a silent auction component, convert some of those “Big Ticket” items into “Premier” items that are only available for an exclusive amount of time. This helps recreate the anticipation and thrill of live auction bidding and drives more traffic to your site.

3. Tell Your Story

At the end of the day, guests are “attending” your event because they care about your cause and purpose. Ensure that your mission is still the focus of the event, virtual or not. On the homepage of your GiveSmart, make sure to include content, such as statements and videos, that will succeed in promoting your mission. These heartfelt aspects and elements will only help in achieving your goals.