Glendale Tech Week

17.10.11 (Glendale Tech Week)(Alex Theatre)-029

To strengthen the innovative tech ecosystem in and around Glendale and to show case the city as a tech hub, Innovate Marketing Group curated a unique and interactive tech summit. The week-long tech event was filled with engaging pop ups, speakers, and fun activations with over 1,000 guests in attendance, growing from the previous year. During the 2-day summit, sessions and activities took place at 5 different venues, utilizing existing spaces throughout the city to create a unique venue for each session. Innovate Marketing Group’s marketing initiatives improved Glendale Tech Weeks branding through a revamped user-friendly website, active presence on social media, and building strategic partnerships.

17.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(CBRE)-03417.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(CBRE)-02617.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(CBRE)-02417.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(CBRE)-008

Pop Ups. Pop up events occurred throughout the week with various technological focuses. These fun and interactive events included the Art of DJ’ing where guests had the opportunity to tour The Beat Junkie Institute of Sound and participate in a workshop to learn how to DJ. Another exciting pop up was the Tech in Manufacturing: A CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Demonstration machine, where guests learned about programming demonstration and how CNC machining is helping with manufacturing and production today.

17.10.11 (Glendale Tech Week)(Oktoberfest)-00817.10.11 (Glendale Tech Week)(Oktoberfest)-018 17.10.11 (Glendale Tech Week)(Oktoberfest)-02417.10.11 (Glendale Tech Week)(Oktoberfest)-025 17.10.11 (Glendale Tech Week)(Oktoberfest)-03117.10.11 (Glendale Tech Week)(Oktoberfest)-035 17.10.11 (Glendale Tech Week)(Oktoberfest)-03717.10.11 (Glendale Tech Week)(Oktoberfest)-013

Oktoberfest. Transforming a shopping strip in Glendale into the city’s very own Oktoberfest, Innovate Marketing Group incorporated local restaurants, breweries, tech companies and organizations to exhibit and interact with guests. This fun evening included virtual reality from WeLens, live demonstration, interactive art displays, and robotics demonstrations by Glendale Community College.

17.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(Pitchfest)-06317.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(Pitchfest)-024

Pitchfest. To attract more tech companies to the Glendale area, and show case the city has a tech hub, the summit incorporated a Pitchfest where 10 companies competed in a real-life shark tank for a $20,000 prize package in front of a panel of judges on stage at the Alex Theatre.

Meet the Funders. After the Pitchfest, curtains to the stage raised and tables were set for Meet the Funders, where start-up companies, freelancers, and established businesses have a chance to meet with angel investors, venture capitalists, and lenders in a speed networking type environment.

17.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(Glendale Central Library)-02717.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(CBRE)-003 17.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(Capital One)-03217.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(CBRE)-025

Panels. Speaker panels and sessions touched upon all topics relating to the Startup Journey. The program included influential speakers who shared their personal experiences as a tech company with a session available for everyone. Innovate Marketing Group wanted to enhance the stage design of the Downtown Library. By incorporating a cascading balloon art installation, by Party Shop Avenue, the venue was transformed into a different space. Guests were wowed by the stage design as it acted as the perfect backdrop for each speaker session.

17.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(Closing reception)-00317.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(Closing reception)-018 17.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(Closing reception)-02217.10.12 (Glendale Tech Week)(Closing reception)-028

Closing Reception. After an eventful week filled with speakers, popups, meet the funders, panels and more; the closing reception wrapped up Glendale Tech Week at the Alex Theatre. The closing reception was filled with food, music, and fun with Pincelbox, Johnson’s Popcorn, and Sprinkles Cupcake!

With over 1,000 attendees, Glendale Tech Week proved to be a great success. Innovate Marketing Group was able to show case the City of Glendale as a prime tech hub location to attract up and coming tech companies through an interactive week of pop up events, Oktoberfest, panelists, Pitchfest, Meet the Funders, and activations.