Happy 9th Company Anniversary to Us! Keeping Corporate Events Impactful & Exciting Since 2014

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Happy 9th company anniversary to us! We’re so grateful for all of our clients, partners, co-workers, friends, family, and community who have contributed over the years. Thanks for cheering us on and helping us create this amazing journey together. 

 We’re celebrating nine years of hunting the best venues for our clients, procuring the best talent, and partnering with the most exclusive vendors and suppliers.  

But we also celebrate 108 months of passion and hard work, for all the extended brainstorming and planning sessions, the infinite emails, calls, and Zoom sessions, and always having a backup plan for the backup plan, and occasionally, putting off fires and solving unexpected problems with a smile on our face (and looking great!).  

But most importantly, we are celebrating 3285 days of staying true to our mission of helping our clients and community to reengage, reconnect, and stay together even in the most uncertain times.  



Keeping Corporate Events Impactful, Exciting and Fun since 2014

We celebrate 9 years as an event management agency that works with clients that get events! We appreciate all of the support over the last years and look forward to what the next 9 have for us.  

Thanks for being with us all these years. You’re the reason we do what we do. Thank you, everyone, for nine astonishing years!  The best is yet to come! 

 Cheers to shared growth, partnerships, and always keeping it fun! 



Innovate Marketing Group Team


innovate marketing group


Innovate Marketing Group