Happy Client Project

Do you need help to:

Increase your sales?
Get more referrals from your clients?
Find new ways to retain your customers?

We can help you!

At Innovate Marketing Group, we specialize in creating immersive experiences that connect brands with people. That’s why we created The Happy Client Project: a unique strategy that focuses on creating client appreciation events for companies that are ready to WOW.

Well planned and executed, Client Building & Client Appreciation Events are golden marketing opportunities to create happier clients, promote loyalty, increase client retention, and get more referrals, among many other benefits. Let’s get your Happy Client Projects started!

Some happy stats
of marketers

believe events are critical to their company’s success.

of attendees

say live events have helped them gain a better understanding of a product or service.

of consumers

repurchase the product promoted at the event.

of event marketers

reported that a hybrid solution will play a key role in the 2021 event strategies.

of marketers

consider the opportunities generated by virtual events as a success factor.

Customer Journey

Our Happy Client Events will help you find new customers and deliver exceptional customer experiences along the customer journey. As you create your business marketing plan, you’ll want to include client appreciation events. They will help you increase loyalty, sales, and awareness about your new products and services.

Our Happy Client Programs are tailored to your needs.

You can start with one event and go from there. We have executed over 130+ virtual events since the pandemic for clients like TikTok, Honda, and East West Bank with a rating of 90% engagement for most of our events.

Our Client Building
& Client Appreciation
Events Include:

Client appreciation events are great opportunities to create immersive experiences to show your clients how much you appreciate their business and cultivate partnerships. This is the time to show them how important their contribution is, and get to know them better in a fun and interesting environment. 

If you’re looking for a way to stand out amongst your competition, these types of events are great for you. Brand Awareness events are also great to educate potential customers,, spread awareness about the new creative designs, and exposure within the community. 

Pop-up events are temporary experiences that happen in the most unexpected spaces. The element of surprise is their key element! The events pop up and, after a few hours or days, they pop down. Great to expand your customer base, increase revenue, build awareness about a new service or product, or test out new offers. 

Brand activation events will help you connect with your audience in the most authentic ways. You are creating unique consumer experiences; something your client hasn’t seen or done before. They are an essential part of multi-touch, multisensorial, experiential marketing strategy. 

Treat your VIPs like royalty. These are personalized experiences for a more exclusive niche or audience. The show might include celebrities, sports heroes, Hollywood, or TV personalities. Invite-only experiences are a wonderful way to create FOMO and to recognize and reward your organization’s VIPs. 

Deliver customized boxes to your guests’ doorstep and start creating memorable moments for your clients. Wer are all about immersive event experiences. The “Event to go kits” will garner that magical surprise and delight experienc that we all crave.

Keep the Experience Interactive

Some examples of Client Building and Client Appreciation Events are Wine & Boba Tea tastings, Gourmet cooking classes, Virtual Painting classes & More. They include awesome event-to-go kits!

What Our Clients Say
"Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back. We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them."
- Kevin Stirtz

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