Here For You: At-Home Projects

More time at home means more time to discover new and creative ways to pass the time. DIY projects are easy and fun to do, they also get the whole family involved. IMG put together a list of fun at-home DIY projects to help pass the time and spruce up your living space.

  1. Paint Worn Furniture For a Fresh Look: Refresh your home furniture with a fresh coat of paint. Transform your space with a new pop of color!
  1. Organize and Declutter: Organize and declutter your living spaces. Organizing your home has many benefits including reducing stress, can help save money, and create a healthy living environment. Take it a step further and gather household and clothing items to donate to local thrift stores!
  1. Printable Art Projects: Create your own art with this family-friendly DIY project. All you need is a printer and colored pencils of your choice!
  1. At Home Art Class: Following Bob Ross painting tutorials became a huge trend earlier this year, seeing a surge in the creation of free online painting tutorials. YouTube is the best platform for finding free and fun painting tutorials. Get creative!