Here For You: Client & Employee Gifts Ideas

Use this time to take care of your
clients and employees as they transition to working at home with new coworkers
– kids, spouse, parents, siblings, and/or pets.

These categories include functional gifts that may not only help productivity but increase positivity!

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Client/Employee Gift opportunities connect with us at:


Coffee Press Tumblers – Without the 2 hour LA traffic, there’s finally time to grind your own beans and make your own cup of fresh coffee.

Custom Masks – Stay safe and provide protection with these custom masks for any daily needs.


At Home Desk Set – Help keep your employee and client’s office necessities convenient and close.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Protect from eye strain and other discomforts caused by frequent use of digital devices.


Branded candles – Using candles, you can ease anxiety with aromatherapy and help production!

Awesome Socks – Stay cozy and bring a smile with something fun that is 100% video call appropriate.


Noise Cancelling Headphones – Block out all unnecessary distractions or blast the ultimate work playlist you just made.

Custom Door Handles – Let others know when your Zoom call is in session or if you just need a little bit of quiet time.


Home Office Kit – An essential to conquering all at home meetings.

Wellness Kits – Ensure your clients and employees staying healthy and happy.

PPE Kits – Ensure your clients and employees staying safe (from masks, hand sanitizer, to more..)