Here For You: Declutter Your Mind

Mental Health is a huge topic of conversation in modern-day.  Even more so with the COVID-19 crisis which has forced our communities into participating in a stay at home order,  leaving people alone and isolated for long periods of time.

IMG has put together a list of helpful tips to help you declutter your mind during these hard times. Stay strong, better days are ahead!

  1. Declutter Your Physical Environment.

Organizing your physical space can greatly reduce stress levels. When you have a clear and organized living space you spend less time scrambling last minute or frustrated when you can’t find something you need.

  1. Keep A Journal.

Journaling allows you to keep your thoughts organized. Especially right now, it is easy to get lost in the worries of everyday life. Journaling allows for self-reflection through a creative outlet.

  1. Create A Routine And Stick To It

When working from home it is easy to get lose track of time throughout the day. Setting specific times for each task can greatly improve feelings of normalcy. Set a time to wake up every morning, eat breakfast, go on a walk, work hours, lunch, dinner, and for when you go to sleep. Remember to stick to the routine!

  1. Prioritize And Keep A To-Do List

Creating a daily to-do list does many beneficial things – creates order, helps you prioritize what is most important that day, holds you accountable and relieves stress. Knowing what you have to or want to accomplish that day helps you to feel productive. Checking an item off your list feels great as well!

  1. Meditate or Do Yoga

Yoga and meditation have been known to very beneficial for the human body and mind. Exercise is important and now that gyms are closed, finding at-home exercises is a must. Some benefits of yoga are:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Improved heart health
  • Increase the quality of sleep
  • Increased flexibility
  • increased muscle strength and tone.
  • And More!

IMG recently put together a list of easy at-home workouts and yoga stretches. Check it out here!