Here For You: Video Recording Best Practices

Working from home is now the new normal, which means online video conferencing, virtual meetings, and live webinars have become a significant tool for many businesses. As this technology may be new to many, IMG has put together a list of Video Recording Best Practices to help you record and present virtually like a pro. Have great content with even better delivery.

  1. Lighting

Make sure you are in a bright space. Have your desk/chair face a window, natural light is always best. If you are in a darker space, the webcam may attempt to adjust the lighting which can distort your image and be distracting for your viewers. If you do not have access to a window, purchase a Ring Light.

  1. Quiet

Record or present from a space in your home that is far away from others, loud appliances, and outside noise. Go a step further a purchase noise-canceling headphones. Try these Logitech USB Headphone.

  1. Sound Quality

Test out your sound quality beforehand. Does your computer’s mic capture your voice clearly? Is there an echo or static sound when you listen back to it? If so, you may want to purchase a microphone. Here are a few easy to use USB Microphones to help you sound crystal clear and professional.  USB MicrophoneRode Microphone

  1. Wi-Fi Connection

Having a strong wi-fi and internet connection is key when recording and presenting from home. Remember a wired, ethernet connection is best!

  1. Elevate your webcam or laptop

Elevate your webcam or laptop to be eye level, this way when you are recording or presenting you are viewed as looking center at the viewers and the screen, not looking down. This will also help you avoid awkward angles when recording such as an upward shot of your nostril.

  1. No Eating or Drinking on Camera

Avoid eating and drinking when recording or presenting. This will help you maintain looking professional and your audience will focus on your material and what your business offers, not what you are snacking on. 

Other Tips:

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