Virtual Event Tips

Virtual events will be taking center stage for the remainder of 2020. Whether you pivot your tradeshow, conference, award show, gala, or meeting to a virtual experience, there are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration and tested to produce a great event. Innovate Marketing Group has put together a list of our top Virtual Event Tips to get you on track to host an engaging and professional virtual event.

  • Have a strong Moderator / MC to lead the meeting. This is vital to bringing energy and making it fun.
  • Start with music and avoid any awkward silence or conversations as people join.
  •  Have a Co-Host / Event Producer that can mute, unmute, and spotlight people so the people leading the event can focus on engaging the guests and keeping the event moving.
  • If you want to stream to any social platform be careful when playing music. It is expensive and not easy to get a license for any music, but you can get around this by playing remixes or adjusting the pitch or speed of songs. Not allowing music to play for too long without someone talking over it also helps.
  • Plan an ice breaker to start the event and plan a closeout/exit strategy. The Ice breaker sets the right tone, and the closeout avoids everyone saying goodbye repeatedly.
  • Break Out rooms are key for large networking events and keep a moderator in every breakout room. It is hard to network or have a discussion with large groups, so set break out rooms to 6 or 7 people max, and have a moderator in each room to lead the discussion
  • Depending on the event then Themes, Games, and contests are fun too.
  • For Large groups ensure people are muted upon entry

Technical Aspects

  • Test Everything over and over again!!
  • Make sure the hosts have a professional mic and not relying on their laptop microphone. Earbuds also work great!!
  • The host should ensure they have a professional background and the Camera is placed at least two feet from them, and be well lit.
  • For Large groups especially ensure people are muted upon entry
  • Have a dedicated tech support person. If you are leading a meeting or event and people are having trouble joining, you do not want to have to leave the event to deal with that. Have a co-host be set as the point of contact for technical issues.
  • If you are using a Virtual Background, then make sure to use a Green or Blue Screen backdrop so you do not cut in and out of the image.

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