Here For You: Ways to Give Back

Now more than ever it is important to check in on your community and neighbors. While we stay home, there are many ways we can give back to the community and essential business, if we have the resources to do so. Below we put together a list of simple ways you can get involved and help give back to those fighting to keep us healthy and safe.

  • Foster a Dog: Animal shelters and humane societies have seen a huge increase of those looking to foster a dog or cat in hopes of relieving financial pressures for animal shelters. Many have also found it has helped them stay mentally and physically healthy during these present ‘Stay at Home’ orders.
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  • Provide Free Webinars and be a Resource to Businesses: Share your expertise! Many companies and organizations are looking for advice on how to navigate through this rapid shift. By giving advice and tips on how to positively transition one’s business, you can aid in their business’s survival!
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  • Gift Products to Healthcare Heroes: Hospitals are currently overwhelmed with the influx of patients, which means our healthcare workers are working double the hours and applying strategies to combat COVID-19 as new information is discovered daily. Donating a gift bag/or wellness product can do wonders and help these healthcare professionals destress!
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  • Host a Donation Drive: Many feel they are not currently able to financially give back to the community. This does not have to defer you from giving back! Get together with a group of friends and host a donation drive to your organization/business of choice! No financial obligations needed!
  • Spread Awareness: If you see something, say something. Make sure to remind those who are out in public who are not wearing a mask that it would significantly help the community. Offer to give them a mask if they do not access to one. Educate the community.
  • Become a Pen Pal at Senior Centers: Our elder citizens are notably susceptible to the COVID-19 virus, and as a result, many family members have reduced contact in hopes of decreasing the chance of a spread to their at-risk relatives. By becoming a pen-pal or donating goods to senior centers it can help keep older generations connected and social.
  • Send Handwritten Thank You Cards to Those on the Front Lines: Communicate your gratitude for our healthcare professionals by writing thank you letters. Offering words of encouragement and letting them know how thankful you are for their efforts can do wonders.