Holiday Activation Ideas (ornament station, smore station, ..)

Need some help figuring out how to make your holiday event more fun and interactive? Here are some creative activations you should try at your next event.  

Activation #1: Ornament Making Station 
An ornament making station will be a huge hit at your next holiday party! Guests get the opportunity to put their creative skills to the test and create their very own ornament to take home. Build a winter wonderland by adding mini presents, mini trees, glitter, fake snow, colored paint, stickers, gems, sequins, or anything to your liking!  

Activation #2: S’more Station
Doesn’t roasting marshmallows over a fire sound like a great winter activity? If you said yes, we agree and that’s why a s’more making station is next on our list. Guests can roast their very own marshmallows and build their s’mores however they like. Get creative with your set up and add décor to enhance it!  

Activation #3: Silent Disco 
Thanks to the ingeniousness of a Silent Disco, your guests can toggle between the Top 40 songs, to Funk, and then to Rock n’ Roll, all while at the same party! Attendees with headsets can dance their hearts out, and those guests who don’t feel like boogying, can watch the hilarity that inevitably ensues. Bring silent disco to your next holiday party and watch your guests get jiggy with it!

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